Appliance Removal & Recycling

Junk 911 is the appliance removal company you can rely on most! We proudly offer broken appliance pickup for our neighbors in Salem, OR and the surrounding areas.

  • Easy to Work With: We make getting rid of old appliances easy! Just tell us what needs to go, and our crew will haul it away.
  • Convenient: Rest assured, we guarantee punctuality with same-day and next-day appointment options available for your convenience.
  • Affordable: Our prices are kept affordable because we believe you deserve excellent value for the services you require! Allow us to handle the appliance pickup for you.
  • Servicing: Salem, Keizer, Dallas, Monmouth, Woodburn, Stayton, Silverton, and Albany, Oregon.


Appliance Removal Service

Why us for appliance removals?

Professional Appliance Hauling
Tired of dealing with old appliances? Then get in touch with Junk911 to get rid of it as soon as possible!

  • Hassle-free– Appliances you couldn’t haul alone is no problem for our team! Just let us know about it, and we’ll haul it! Broken appliance pick up is no problem for Junk 911.
  • ExperiencedWe’re seasoned haulers adept at maneuvering your appliances out the door with precision, ensuring not a single wall gets scuffed. Removing washers and dryers is where we truly excel!
  • Environmental MindedWe will ensure that your gently used furniture finds its way to families in need, while any items in less than ideal condition will be responsibly recycled whenever possible. Choose us for an eco-conscious solution!


Shedding Your Old Appliances? Get Answers to Your Appliance Removal Questions Here!
What are my options for appliance removal?

There are several options! You can:

  • Hire a junk removal service: This is the most convenient option, as they handle the removal and disposal for a fee.
  • Take it to a local appliance recycling center: This is an eco-friendly option, but you'll need to research locations and haul it yourself.
  • See if your retailer offers haul-away: Some retailers offer haul-away for a fee when you purchase a new appliance.
  • Sell or donate it: If your appliance is still functional, consider selling it online or donating it to a charity.

How much does appliance removal cost?

The cost depends on factors like the type and number of appliances, your location, and ease of access. Junk removal services typically charge per appliance or have a minimum fee.

Do I need to prepare my appliances for removal?

Yes! Unplug the appliance, defrost refrigerators and freezers, and remove any hoses or attachments.

Can they remove appliances from anywhere in my house?

Most services will remove appliances from easily accessible locations on the ground floor. They may charge extra for removing appliances from upper floors or tight spaces.

What happens to my old appliance after it's removed?

Responsible removal companies will recycle appliances whenever possible. Some appliances, like refrigerators, require refrigerant removal before recycling.

What appliances can be removed?

Most removal services take major appliances like refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. They may also take smaller appliances for an additional fee.

What if my appliance contains hazardous materials?

Some appliances, like refrigerators and air conditioners, contain hazardous materials. Junk removal companies are trained to handle these materials safely.

How can I schedule an appliance removal?

Contact your chosen removal service by phone or online. Be prepared to answer questions about the type and quantity of appliances you need removed and their location.

Junk911 appliance removal service
Appliance removal service junk911

Old Appliance Removal Process

Step 1

Contact Us
Book your old appliance removal appointment today by either contacting us online or by calling us at (503) 479-4795!

Step 2

Our Arrival
We wouldn’t dare be late. Expect us to be there on time–we’ll call you when we’re on our way.

Step 3

Old Appliance Removal
Hauling your old appliance off is easy for us! Just show us what needs to go, and we’ll take it off your hands.

Junk911 appliance removal

Cost to Remove Appliances

Cost to remove appliances
Getting rid of old appliances doesn’t have to be expensive thanks to our affordable pricing system.

Volume-based. What you pay is based on how much space your appliance uses up in our truck. The cost of washer and dryer pickup is also based on space.
Upfront. We’ll tell you what you owe us from the start. No more waiting till the end to know the price.
No hidden fees. We won’t ever saddle you with surcharges because you deserve honest prices!

Full-Service Junk Removal

From cleanouts to removals, we can do it all. We turning chaos into cleanliness, one junk pile at a time.


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