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An eviction is a frustrating situation for all parties involved. If your previous tenant has left you with mountains of junk to get rid of, then we have just the service for you. With our eviction clean outs in Salem, OR, you won’t ever have to clean up that mess on your own. Just get in touch with us to schedule service!


Think about all the different apartments, rental houses, and rental commercial spaces that exist in Salem, OR and other nearby areas. Whenever there is a mess that has to be cleaned up in these properties, someone has to be responsible for the work. In many cases, landlords turn to junk removal professionals such as us! At Junk911, we’re happy to provide our customers with eviction clean outs in Salem, OR that are fast, affordable, and friendly, too!

Our well-mannered team works quickly to remove junk from the rental property while maintaining optimistic demeanors. What’s more, we do it all for a low price that you’ll appreciate. Now you can get rid of eviction junk without having to stress over it!

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Why Our Eviction Clean Up?

You have enough on your plate, so why pile on a DIY eviction junk clean up job on top of that? Instead, turn to a professional eviction clean out business that you can rely on such as Junk911. We are a locally owned business, not a franchise. What this means is that our services are custom-tailored to match the needs of our community. Since we don’t have to pay franchise fees, we’re able to offer better eviction clean out prices than the competition can, too. Now you can save some cash and get rid of rental junk at the same time!

We understand that when dealing with rental properties, time is of the essence. The faster you can remove the junk from the property, the sooner you can find a new tenant. And the sooner you can find a new tenant, the sooner you can start receiving rent payments again. Make a wise investment for yourself by choosing our lightning-fast eviction clean outs in Salem, OR. We can even be there as soon as today or tomorrow if you need our service ASAP!

To get that appointment you need, you’ll have to reach out to us. Fortunately, we don’t bite. There are two easy and fast ways to book your appointment. Feel free to contact us online, as our online booking is available around the clock. You can also call us during our office hours. Just dial 503-479-4795.

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How Eviction Cleaning Works

  1. We will be at your appointment right on time! Expect to see a well-dressed team that arrives in a truck with plenty of room for all your unwanted eviction junk.
  2. Give us a short tour of the evicted property so we can size up the job ahead of us. Then, approve our upfront service quote, and we can begin hauling away junk.
  3. After loading up our truck, we’ll ensure we didn’t forget anything along the way, sweep up behind ourselves, and request your payment.
  4. We’ll deal with the disposal process so you don’t have to. We are eco-friendly and aim to recycle and donate as much of what we collect as possible.

Removing Appliances from Evicted Properties

When you evicted that unruly tenant from your apartment, did they leave you with a filthy, undesirable refrigerator? A broken washing machine and dryer? You may have even evicted a commercial property, leaving you with a pile of abandoned kitchen equipment. Obviously, removing an appliance is tough work. Removing multiple appliances? That’s a whole other thing. Fortunately, we take on appliance removal jobs of all sizes at Junk911.

What kinds of appliances do you need us to haul away? We can take away freezers, water heaters, ice machines, stoves, dishwashers, and so much more. Whatever we haul away, the process is the same. We’ll carefully lift the appliance on either side, guide it out the door, and load it onto our truck. Additionally, count on us to take the appliance away for recycling. After all, it would be wasteful if we just dumped it at the landfill!

About Us

Who are the best first responders near you when it comes to eviction junk removal? Junk911, of course! We’ll be there in a flash, pulling into your driveway in our emergency vehicle. It’s got plenty of space for your junk. The only thing that’s missing is the sirens! However, we make up for it by providing you with a hardworking crew that’s always happy to meet you. We’ll give our 110% if it means making you happy. We’ll clean up that junk, sweep up behind ourselves, and finish the whole job in a timely manner. For the fair prices we offer, you really can’t beat service from Junk911!

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