Foreclosure Clean Out Services in Salem, OR

Foreclosures can happen suddenly. As a property manager, this might mean that you have to figure out what to do with a household filled with junk fast. Fortunately, we can provide you with the speedy assistance you need!


As you are already aware, there are many houses in our many nearby neighbors. At some point, whoever is currently living in those houses will eventually move on in some sort of way. People move. Sometimes, people pass away. Other times, people stop paying their mortgages, resulting in a foreclosure. As a result, the foreclosed property might have landed in your hands—and that’s a great reason to reach out to us for foreclosure clean out services.

Junk911 is a junk removal and clean outs company that is located in Salem, OR. When you have a foreclosed home nearby, and you need help removing the clutter that’s inside it, give us a call! We can be there as soon as today or tomorrow to sort things out. That way, you can sell the house sooner rather than later.

Why Our Foreclosure Clean Outs?

Have you ever walked inside a recently acquired foreclosed property only to be blown away by how messy it really is? Sometimes, when people lose their homes, they don’t bother cleaning up. Why would they? However, this does mean the problem of sorting out that clutter winds up being yours. Continue passing it along by contacting Junk911, a locally owned and operated foreclosure cleaning business. Our team will be happy to meet you and even happier to clean up foreclosure junk. That includes old furniture, decorations, kitchenware, electronics, carpets, and so much more!

We understand that, in the world of real estate, time is of the essence. The sooner you can list that foreclosed property, the sooner you can get people to request house tours, and the sooner you can make a sale. As mentioned before, this is exactly why we provide same-day and next-day appointments to our clients. On top of this, though, we make a point of working quickly on the day of your appointment. We can clean up junk fast without sacrificing our attention to detail. We are the best of both worlds when it comes to speed and quality!

So does this mean our foreclosure clean out services are expensive? Nope! Our foreclosure cleanouts pricing is actually quite affordable, and because of the way it works, you’ll pay a fair price no matter how much junk we haul away for you. When we first arrive, just show us everything that has to go. We’ll estimate how much of our truck space the junk will use up, then prepare an upfront quote for your approval. This quoted price is the same as the final price. That means we’ll never add any hidden fees to your bill!

How Foreclosure Cleanup Works

  1. It’s important that we show up on time for your appointment. Expect to meet a well-dressed, well-mannered crew that shows up not even a minute late.
  2. You’ll always receive an upfront service quote before we get to work! Approve our quote, and we’ll begin hauling away foreclosure junk immediately afterwards.
  3. We’ll remove junk from every room in the foreclosed property. That includes the bathroom, kitchen, basement, attic, and everywhere else.
  4. After we’ve removed all the junk, we’ll double-check all the rooms to verify that. Then, we’ll accept your payment and say farewell!

Donating Gently Used Items After a Foreclosure Clean Out

What happens to all the junk we collect during foreclosure clean out services? Well, we think it would be a waste to simply dump it all in a landfill. In many cases, the items that we find in a foreclosure property are still in usable condition. Because of this, we’ll make sure they’re taken to a nearby thrift store, such as the OHS Thrift Store. This store uses the proceeds from selling donated items to support animal shelter services. This means that by not throwing away your junk, we can help cats and dogs in our area find forever homes. In the process, we’ll be making a positive difference for the environment, too. Let’s work together to keep landfills a little less full!

About Us

Cleaning a foreclosed home is tough if you’re taking on the work by yourself. Why not give yourself a break and support a local business instead? Junk911 is happy to be at your service because we love cleaning up clutter for our neighbors. We’re open seven days a week, meaning there’s never a bad day for us to swing by. As long as it’s a day that ends with ‘Y’, you’ll be greeted by a friendly crew that’s happy to meet you. Combine this with our low prices, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful customer experience you’d never get from our competitors!

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