Hot Tub Removal in Salem, OR

Looking for a good source of affordable hot tub removal? Then we’ve got just the thing for you. Contact Junk911, and we can take your hot tub away for a fair and inexpensive price.


Does your old hot tub no longer have a place on your property? Whether it’s at your house, commercial space, or rental home, we can help you out! At Junk911, we happily serve Salem, OR and other nearby service areas when our customers need to get rid of junk. An old hot tub is junk, too, so don’t hesitate to call us for hot tub removal in Salem, OR. We’d love to learn more about you and get your appointment on our schedule!

Why Our Hot Tub Removal Services?

Hot tub removal, jacuzzi removal, and spa removal are all difficult jobs. There is so much disassembly involved, and at times, even light demolition is required. The long story short is that hot tub removal in Salem, OR is a big project. So why do it on your own? Instead, contact our team of professionals, and we’ll do it all for you. We are a local hot tub removal company that is always happy to help our neighbors. All we ask is that you drain the hot tub and disconnect it from power and plumbing before our arrival. We can do all the rest.

We provide hot tub removal for a fair and affordable price! At the beginning of your appointment, we’ll take a look at the unwanted hot tub, determine how much labor and truck space it will take to dispose of it, then provide you with an upfront service quote. All you have to do is approve this quote to get started with us. Trust us to never add hidden fees to your final bill, either. We’ll leave that sort of foul play to the big franchises instead.

If you need to schedule hot tub removal in Salem, OR, why wait to get started? Book an appointment right now by contacting us online. Or receive friendly, over-the-phone assistance from us by calling 503-479-4795. We’d love to hear from you one way or another, so pick the booking method that’s best for you!

How Hot Tub Removal Works

  1. We will remind you again to drain your hot tub and disconnect it from power and plumbing. Keep an eye out for our courtesy call so you know when to expect us.
  2. Upon our arrival, lead us to the hot tub so we can begin the removal process. Accept our quote, and we’ll take a look at your hot tub and make a removal plan.
  3. Some hot tubs can be lifted up and carried away. Others require some amount of demolition. Regardless of the situation, we’ll make sure the job gets done right.
  4. After the hot tub has been removed from your property, we can handle the hot tub disposal process. We will recycle what we can and dispose of the rest.

Hot Tub Deck Removal

If your hot tub is sitting upon a wooden deck, and you’d like to get rid of that as well, then you’re in luck. At Junk911, we have removed many decks for our clients, so we can do deck removal for you as well! We will disassemble the deck plank by plank after the hot tub is gone. Sometimes, tools such as pry bars, hammers, and electric screwdrivers will be necessary to complete the job. Great news—not only do we have all these tools, but we also have a team that’s experienced enough to use them.

About Us

Do you need an emergency response team to take care of your junk problem? Then it’s time you got in touch with Junk911. We are ready to lay down the law on any clutter you have for us. Give us a call, and we’ll be there soon in clean uniforms and good spirits! We’ll remove your junk in a flash, and we’ll do the work for a great price, too. Save time and money with us today! You won’t regret your appointment with us once your hot tub is gone for good and you have yard space to spare.

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