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Get rid of a mattress without even lifting a finger by contacting the professionals at Junk911! We can haul away your mattresses, whether you’ve got one of them or a few dozen of them. This makes us the perfect choice for both residential and commercial mattress removal!


Do you need to get rid of an old mattress in Salem, OR or somewhere else nearby? Chances are, if you were capable of doing this work alone, you would have done it already. However, hauling a mattress away isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve only got your own pair of hands to work with. Finding a disposal site isn’t always easy either. Want to skip all these hassles? Then contact Junk911 and schedule our mattress removal in Salem, OR today!

We are a full-service junk removal company that specializes in the removal of all junk. This includes heavy items, mattresses included! We’ll bring plenty of team members so we can get that mattress off your property and onto our truck fast. Leave it to us!

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Why Our Old Mattress Removal?

When you need a professional business to pick up an old mattress for you, who should you call? Join the many other satisfied customers in your area who contact Junk911 for the junk removal services they need. Our friendly team members can’t wait to meet you and haul away your unwanted mattress. Even if you have several mattresses for us to pick up, we can make it happen. After all, we have plenty of space in our junk removal truck!

You can receive fast service from us as soon as today or tomorrow! Just request a same-day or next-day appointment. In addition to being quick, we’re affordable, too. Your mattress removal price will be based on the volume of the mattress, or how much truck space it uses up. We’ll estimate this volume at the beginning of your appointment and provide you with an upfront quote. Approve this quote, and the final cost of your mattress removal in Salem, OR will be locked in. We never add hidden fees.

If you want to schedule an appointment, then we want to hear from you. There are two ways to get started. The first is our online booking. Simply fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. The second way to book mattress removal is by giving us a phone call. Dial 503-479-4795 to connect with a friendly member of our team today!

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Our Mattress Removal Process

  1. When we’re on our way to remove your mattress, we’ll give you a phone call so you know to expect us. We will have plenty of space ready in the back of our truck.
  2. Show us the mattress you want to get rid of, then approve our upfront service quote. We’ll stick to the price you agreed to all the way through your appointment.
  3. Our team members will take a hold of the mattress on both sides, hoist it up, and carry it out the door. Then, we’ll load it onto our junk removal truck.
  4. After accepting your payment, we will leave so we can dispose of the mattress. Thanks for choosing Junk911, the first responders when it comes to junk removal!

We Are Also a Bed Removal Service

Not only can we remove an unwanted mattress from your property, but we can also remove the entire bed. We’ll begin by stripping the sheets and the quilts from the bed, and we’ll haul away the pillows, too. Then, after hauling the mattress to our truck, we’ll take the box spring as well, assuming there is one. This leaves us with a bed frame that needs to be removed. If we have enough room, we might be able to haul the bed frame to our truck in one piece. However, we don’t shy away from disassembly whenever it is necessary. We have the right tools for this sort of work, too—wrenches, electric screwdrivers, and more. Of course, if there are any parts of the bed you want to keep, we’ll let you have them. Anything you didn’t want will be disposed of properly by the Junk911 team.

Our bed removal is a great choice not only for residents but for businesses and landlords as well. Need to get rid of some old beds at your hotel or motel? Want to clear out a bedroom at a foreclosed or evicted property? We’re prepared to come to your aid!

About Us

Junk911 is the #1 source of local junk removal and mattress removal in Salem, OR communities. We are locally owned and operated, so if you’re tired of being treated poorly by franchise-based businesses, give your neighbors a shot! We’re always happy to serve local folks like you. That’s why our team is always smiling and working hard during each and every appointment we take.

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